Monday, 7 May 2012

Snuff Review: Abraxas Dragun

The fourth offering from Abraxas, Dragun is significantly different from the earlier three.  Rather than being dark and moist it is a pale yellow brown and it is relatively dry. The grind however is still medium coarse, thus rather proving my earlier point that dry snuffs aren't always fine in grind. The grind and colour remind me of the Dutch Mettaijer Snuif and also of the fabled Spanish Jewel but the flavouring is quite different to either. Mettaijer has a vinegary top note while the Jewel was cheesy and sweet and Dragun is spicy and sweet. A curious combination perhaps but it works well for me. 

The notes on the Mr Snuff site mention several spices as being in the flavouring for Dragun, chilli, cinnamon and nutmeg, and I'm not going to argue about any of those. All seem to be present, but the initial scent I get is of something much sweeter. A hint of apples and raisins with cinnamon perhaps, or something along those lines. I find the chilli tends to makes itself known as that initial sweetness fades. Finally the tobacco itself comes forward coupled with a heft nicotine kick. Very satisfying and very moreish, even if it does tend to make me sneeze, just like the Club and the Cerise Connoisseur! I suspect that, while the grind of Dragun is finer than that of Club and Cerise, it's the dryness that starts me sneezing (though high dry toast doesn't have that effect on me). For the latter reason alone I'll give it four stars rather than five, though 4.5 would be more accurate. Another must try snuff from Abraxas.
Dragun snuff in a papier-mâché box
Update: I have recently received a tub of Dragun from the second batch. Same great flavour but the grind is slightly finer, resulting in an even better product which is much less sneezy than before. Now it's a solid five stars for Dragun!

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