Saturday, 6 April 2013

A Hilliard & Thomason Snuff Box from 1899

While I'm on a roll (and these things do seem to come in threes...) here another recent acquisition. It's a late Victorian snuff box made by Hilliard & Thomason of Birmingham and hallmarked for 1899.
It measures 70mm x 40mm, 16mm deep and weighs a respectable 56g. Although the internal gilding is a little worn it is still a superb looking box and doesn't seem to leak snuff at all.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

A Birth Year Silver Snuff Box

I have long had a hankering for a birth year silver snuff box to match the birth year Peterson pipe I already have. This little beauty finally ended the wait. Made by Deakin & Francis of Birmingham and hallmarked for 1956 this box is in remarkably good condition, better condition than I am in at the same age in fact!  It measures 6.2cm by 4.5cm and is 1.2cm deep with a weight of 43g. The hinge is in perfect condition allowing the box to close properly.
 The style is distinctly Georgian and I do especially like its simple, curved form, free from the typical excesses of Victorian decoration, The vendor I bought it from said that it is an exact copy of a design from c. 1780 and I have no reason to doubt that.
 On top of everything else, it seems to be thoroughly snuff proof as well with not a hint of a leak. A box to cherish.