Saturday, 5 May 2012

A Peterson 999 "Chubby"

One by one I intend to move, or at least copy, the notes and pictures on my pipe collection from the wiki site where they currently reside to this blog. With a bit of luck I'll add a pipe a day until they are all here. I intend to do it one pipe per post and expand on the notes I may have made on various pipes previously. I'll also start copying all the snuff reviews from the old site.

I'll start the process with this lovely old Peterson 999. I have mentioned this one before, but this time I will expand on the notes.

This is a London made "chubby" 999. Chubby relates to the thickness of the shank compared with earlier and later versions of the shape. They appear to have been produced like this in the middle years of the 20th century though as ever, precise dating is impossible.

It is marked on the left side: Petersons (walking P) over London & Dublin. On the right side: 999  London Made over England.

It's a fine chunky pipe, cool smoking as as comfortable in the hand as clenched between the teeth.

For more information on the history and dating of Peterson pipes, Jim Lilley's superb resource for Peterson pipes on Pipedia is not to be missed.

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