Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Samuel Gawith's Scotch Snuff

I am currently revisting many of the Samuel Gawith coarse, dark snuffs. It's been some time since I tried many of them and I am thinking about getting one of them in bulk. Of course this entailed getting 10g plastic dispensers of them from My Smoking Shop in Preston and to my disappointment I found all the 10g samples I bought to be too dry. These are meant to be moist snuffs! Clearly those 10g plastic boxes are far from adequate. Not only are they less than airtight but persuading coarse snuff to leave the dispensing hole is quite a challenge in itself. I solved the problem by rehdrating the the snuffs and transferring them to empty 10g aluminium Toque tins. These are much more airtight, having a screw thread, and there is no risk of the tin rusting due to contact with the moist snuff.

My original review for Scotch was:

Nearly black, moist and medium-coarse. Pure rich tobacco flavour. Very nice!

There isn't a lot to add to that. There is no added flavouring which suits me fine and if appropriately moist, this is an easy snuff to take and proves very satisfying. The curious thing about Scotch is that it is darker in colour than Scotch Black. I can't quite figure that one out but it in no way detracts from the quality of the snuff. Scotch must be a solid contender for a forthcoming bulk snuff purchase.

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  1. I am recently exploring Samuel Gawith snuffs for myself. I really like London Brown but it is exceptionally moist and clumpy and isn't the easiest to take. Fantastic flavour though. Great blog, looking forward to reading more.

    David (Mopey at the Snuff House).