Friday, 22 March 2013

Wilson's Of Sharrow Dynamite

About time we had a new post here...

Just picked up a tin of the new Dynamite snuff from direct from Wilson's of Sharrow (along with 1/2 lb each of Brunswick, Natural and IHT No. 22).

But this is about the Dynamite.
One small pinch of this stuff and your nose will believe it actually belongs to Sir Ranulph Fiennes, trekking across Antarctica in the middle of winter...

And I took that pinch several hours ago. I can still feel the effect!

Ow! Just took another pinch. Purely in the interests of science of course. Well, snuff review writing anyway.

So... it's medium snuff, relatively dark (due to the moisture I reckon, this tin being fresh), and once you get past the freeze-burn of the industrial quantities of menthol there is quite a decent tobacco to be found. Dynamite makes Hedges L260 seem like a right wimp! I expect I'll enjoy it a lot more once I've toned down the menthol by diluting the snuff with something plain and menthol free. I have no doubt the noses of the menthol lovers will rejoice at the availability of this new offering from Wilson's, but I suspect I might not be buying it again.

Now I'd better go and dunk my nose in a snowdrift to warm it up a bit.