Friday, 9 September 2011

The Viking Snuff

Just time for a quick mention of some new snuffs available only from, and presumably produced exclusively for My Smoking Shop in Preston. Five Viking snuffs are available so far - Brown, Dark, Menthol, Peach and Spear (spearmint flavoured). So far I have tried the first three and I have to say I am impressed with them.
Clearly somebody has been listening to what snuff takers have been saying about snuff packaging. These are sold in sensible 25g vacuum packed tins. No chance of them reaching the customer dried out and stale.  

Judging by the nature of these snuffs they are almost certainly made by Samuel Gawith and I certainly don't have a problem with that.

Viking Brown is a wonderful snuff, not a million miles removed from SG's Kendal Brown. In fact I am pretty sure they are the same and that is no bad thing. It's coarse, moist and dark and has a very satisfying orange/citrus flavouring. Prefect for hefty pinches all day long and a full five star rating from me.

Viking Dark has a finer grind than Viking Brown though the flavour is similar yet lighter. While I am pretty sure this is also made by Samuel Gawith (the design of the 25g tin is a bit of a give-away) I can't think of a direct correlation between this and any of the SG branded snuffs.  Plain snuffs don't get much better than this though to my nose Viking Brown has the edge.

In appearance Viking Menthol looks a lot like Viking Brown. It's coarse, moist and dark brown in colour, with the same flecks of lighter coloured stem material. The menthol has been applied with a light touch so in effect we're dealing with a KB with a refreshing after taste. I rather like it!

I am unlikely to try the Peach and I certainly won't be buying any of the Spear (can't stand spearmint!) but I am sure those two will prove popular with those snuffers who do like those flavours.


  1. I love the Viking snuff's. They helped me to quit smoking. They also have a new flavor now, Viking Blonde.

  2. I didn't know about the Blonde. I'll have to seek some out! Thanks.

  3. I noticed you said you will not try the Viking Spear because it may be Spearmint flavored. I have tried a few spearmint snuffs and I agree, I'm not a huge fan either. But I have tried Viking Spear and it is nothing like any of the spearmint snuffs. It is unique to say the least. It has a dark brown rich (high quality) tobacco that is moistened with a NON Mentholated flavor that I can't quite say is spearmint. I can say the undertones are some sort of spearmint but not at all what you would think. It is hard to explain and I think thats why they call it Spear and not spearmint. It is so good and so ONE of a Kind that I had to post something. I urge you to try it. I don't think Viking snuff calls it Spear because of spearmint. I thingk they call it Spear because the nicotine is a good strike and the drain is a cut that both would be similar to a Viking spear. Hands down this snuff is worth trying out just for the unique flavor and exhilarating experience. Viking Spear is my number 1 choice. I realize this review is 5yrs old but It's worth the update. Hope you try it.