Monday, 11 July 2011


Perhaps surprisingly not every pipe I buy is a Peterson, even though most of them are. I also have a weakness for bulldog pipes, straight or bent, whether they are called bulldogs, bent bulldogs, Rhodesians or anything else. Here I'm only showing with the non-Peterson ones I've picked up recently, plus a couple of pipes I inherited from my dad.

I like the bulldog shape for when I'm working. They're easy to clench, relatively light in weight and not over large in capacity. The diamond shaped shank ensures that they cannot roll off the workbench when I put them down for a moment. A major consideration!
Hardcastle London Made 61, meerschaum lined
Parker Jockey Club 345
Stanwell Deluxe Polished 32
This is just marked "Reject", one of my late dad's pipes. A great  smoker.
Bewlay Popular 014. Another of my late dad's pipes.
I'll finish off with two more of the pipes I inherited from my dad. Both are quite ordinary pipes but I don't seem to see the like on Ebay very often.
Byford 24. This has a curious "stinger" or metal filter system.
Astoria Deluxe

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