Friday, 3 September 2010

A Pair of "Made in Eire" Petersons

The pipe fairy dropped a most welcome parcel on my doormat this morning. Contents: a Peterson System Standard 31, a System Standard 307 and a rather battered Zippo lighter with a Peterson design on the front.

While a 31 and a 307 would normally be nothing out of the ordinary, these are a bit special in that they both have the "Made in Eire", circle format COM marking, meaning that they date from 1938 to 1947. Apart from a lost fill on the 31 both are in good condition and will only need a clean and polish before they enter service. Even the stems are in pretty good nick.

First, the System Standard 31:

And then the System Standard 307, along with the Zippo:


Strangely the Zippo has the standard insert instead of the pipe lighter insert. 
Both pipes and the Zippo set me back just £57. Quite a bargain I reckon, given the apparent rarity of Petersons with those markings.

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