Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Why this blog?

After some consideration I decided to set up this blog as an adjunct to my existing Snuff and Pipes web site. That site is fine for organised pages, lists, reviews, information and links concerning Snuff, Pipes and Pipe Tobacco, but is less well suited for my random ramblings on those subjects. With luck this place will fill that role just fine. I should add that the snuff discussed here is the old fashioned powdered tobacco that one sniffs up the nose and there is nothing here about anything else that now goes by that name.

A couple of pictures just to add a note of interest...

My favourite silver snuff box, made by Edward Smith and hallmarked Birmingham, 1838.

My birth year Peterson pipe, a System Premier 313, hallmarked for Dublin, 1956.


  1. Thank you for this wonderful blog.

  2. My pleasure! But it's early days yet. Lots more to add and I've not yet started mumbling on about pipes and pipe tobacco!